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Spiritual Readings and energy healing is based on the principle that there is a life force in the universe that can be channeled through one’s body, mind and spirit.

Our Mind, body and soul all go hand in hand. What affects one, ultimately affects the others.

When our mind, body and soul are out of alignment, even if it is only one, eventually all three fall out of alignment as well.

What affects our mind, body and soul effects all areas of our well being. If we choose to ignore one of the three, the other two will also suffer the consequences because they are out of alignment.

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Psychic Rekha

$5.50 NZD / min

Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empathic


HONEST & TRUSTED GUIDANCE THROUGH TAROT & NUMEROLOGY I will only give you honest readings, specialising in Tarot with a combination of Numerology and Astrology to give you the insights you need to empower you in your sit... Read more

Psychic Ruby

$5.50 NZD / min

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empathic

Straightforward, Compassionate

NO TOOLS NEEDED - ACCURATELY INTUNE WITH FEELINGS & TIMELINES 3rd Generation love psychic, accurate predictions - I tune into your partners ENERGY and deliver the TRUTH to you with kindness and compassion. Read more

Psychic Safina

$5.50 NZD / min

Tarot Master, Psychic Visionary, Astrologer


MASTER TAROT & WORLD RENOWED 3RD GENERATION PSYCHIC READER Psychic Safina is a 3rd Generation Psychic descended through her mother and grandmother. I draw my unique messages using a combination of the Tarot, Astrology and my ... Read more

Psychic Zen

$5.50 NZD / min

Empath, Clairvoyant

Straightforward, Compassionate

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP EXPERT - HIGHLY INTUITIVE - HONEST INSIGHTS Psychic Reader of past, present and future. Tarot card readings. Energy healing. Empathy healing. Crystal channeling. Visions. Bachelor of Psychology. Dream Analysis. Read more

Psychic Anaisa

$5.50 NZD / min

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient

Straightforward, Inspirational, Compassionate

QUICK, DETAILED, AND ACCURATE I am a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant, I possess various "abilities", I see, hear, and sense energies and spiritual messages in a very quick and detailed manner. Read more

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Without having balance in our mind, body and soul we tend to feel a little “off” and out of sync.

This leads to vastly improved physical and mental health; and a faster recovery process for bodily or emotional trauma and injuries.

Spiritual healers are compassionate individuals who have devoted their lives in helping people by using their special sensitivity to universal energy to help others realize their full potentials through spiritual awareness and properly channeled energy.

The natural flow of energy in your life is often disrupted by physical injuries, stress or anxiety.

Energy healing is also a gentle and tender treatment that focuses on the spiritual impact of life events. It helps in developing proper awareness of your spiritual needs thus helping you develop awareness of your spiritual needs in regards to your health.

Energy healing accolades other medical measures and offers spiritually awareness to aid you in the recovery by giving you access to all the vitality and energy available in your life journey and ensuring that you have the information needed to reach a full recovery.

We cannot live life to the fullest if our personal energy isn’t in harmony with the universal life energy. Spiritual healing empowers you with knowledge needed to live a life that benefits every aspect of your being (spirit, body and mind) by tackling obstacles such as exhaustion, uncertainty or negative thought patterns that disrupt your energy flow.

Due to the spiritual awareness, energy healing has lasting benefits and will leave you with comprehensive understanding of your health requirements.

Many choose to seek spiritual energy healing mainly owing to a feeling they have about something missing in their approach to life, experiencing thought patterns that hold them back form accepting the moment or maybe not contented with their life due to past scenarios.

A spiritually focused approach is needed to completely recover from the recovery of your vitality and lust for life from the complex variety of such situations.

Hence energy healing greatly helps in regaining what is missing in your life, and equally gives you the knowledge you need to maintain an enjoyable spiritually lifestyle.

At Zenory you can experience a spiritual reading from one of our gifted energy healers below, you can discover the power of energy healing, and unlock the vitality and fulfilment that comes from restoring harmony and balance in your spiritual life.

Gain the proper guidance you need today. Want to connect with our gifted energy healers? Simply choose your desired psychic reader and connect with them either by phone psychic reading or online chat.

Spiritual Readings and energy healing readings are a long-trusted type of reading aimed to help you to correct not only any spiritual imbalances in your life, but also to assist you with mental, emotional and physical imbalances as well. 

In contrast to the more traditional and stereotypical notion of a psychic reading aimed at revealing your future, a skilled spiritual reader will assess many aspects of your life and be able to provide insight and encouragement as you move forward seeking a healthier, happier, more fulfilled existence.

When your spiritual energy is blocked and not flowing as nature intended, it can lead to an imbalance in other areas of your life as well. If you find yourself suffering with low energy in other areas of your life such as being physically fatigued, you might consider whether a spiritual reading could help. 

The clarity of mind that a spiritual reading can provide can be of great benefit in all areas of life. 

For example, when you’re spiritual energy is in balance, you may be better able to look inward at what you’re physical body really needs to become more energised and in balance as well.

While not intended to completely replace traditional medical advice where physical and mental concerns are at issue, there are a number of documented incidences of spiritual energy readers achieving healing in the lives of individuals that cannot be explained in the physical realm. 

The benefits of achieving a balance in your spiritual energy through a spiritual energy reading and healing have been noted to include speedier recovery from illness and injury, a decrease in anxiety, a calmer, quieter mind, a better ability to cope with grief, pain relief and an increase in personal satisfaction or self esteem just to name a few.

A spiritual reader may also be able to help you to better access your innate spiritual nature and to learn to more efficiently express your unique spiritual and creative side. 

When you are aware of your spiritual energy and any blocks that you or your current life situation may be placing on it, you are better equipped to tap into the spiritual nature that makes you who you are, a singularly unique individual in the universe. 

Your current and past relationships, career or job choices and lifestyle may all be factors affecting your spiritual energy and a spiritual reader can assist you in sorting out what things you are doing right and what things need to change in your life to get you back in balance and moving toward creating a life as the person you are intended to and desire to be.

An open mind and a willingness to act on the insight of a spiritual energy reader may be all that you need to access your innate ability to be more personally fulfilled, more creative, more productive and happier and healthier within the life you are living right now.